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Article (1):

Duration of the study to obtain a bachelor’s degree Institute are five levels of study (level 0 – level 4), each level is divided into two semesters, and the duration of each chapter fifteen-week semester, followed by a written examination. And each semester of its own exam, that teaches all students enrolled in the institute decisions of the first level and specializes student after passing in one of the scientific disciplines of the four levels (level 1 level 4) provided for in Article (4) of this regulation that puts the Board of Directors Institute foundations under which students on the distribution of various scientific disciplines Institute. 

Article (2):

The study of the five levels are credit hours system, and the teaching hours to credit hours as follows:

  • Hours Lectures
  • Hour lecture
  • 1 Credit hours
  • Hours and practical exercises
  • 2 hours or practical exercise
  • 1 Credit hours

With the deletion of fractional time.


Academic year is divided into three classes as follows:

  • The first chapter starts from the third Saturday of September for a period of 15 weeks.
  • The second chapter starts from the second Saturday of the month of February for 15 weeks.
  • The summer semester starts from the first Saturday of the month of July for a period of 8 weeks.

On the grounds that the Board of Management Institute under which puts students in the summer semester registration decisions.

Article (4):

Take over the responsibility of the competent scientific departments teaching institute and as required by Article 10 of the Regulations of the Act 52 of 1970, the Institute consists of the following academic departments

  • Department of Architecture.
  • Department of Construction engineering.
  • Department of Computer Engineering.


Governing Council of the Institute is a committee chaired by the Dean or a Alokillen to supervise and teach courses that have no scientific sections Institute study noted that all sections are in English.


Assessed the educational value of the service fee per credit hour is 160 Egyptian pounds. That the collection of educational service fees each semester, and will be calculated according to the number of credit hours in which the student registers of each semester, with a minimum of corresponding educational service to the number of 12-hour fee credits, but if the number of remaining credit hours for the student to obtain a bachelor’s degree less it is up to hold him accountable on the remaining credit hours just to study. And be educational service for the summer semester fee according to the number of credit hours in which the student registers.


The study identifies the requirements and divided into four parts as follows (attached explanatory statement to the requirements of the study all the scientific department of the institute in the last sections of the guideline tables for each department :

  • Institute Requirements: Students must pass the requirements which the decisions of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences cultural and public.
  • General basic requirements (for all disciplines): Students must pass the general requirements which decisions Humanities General Engineering and Science.
  • The main requirements of specialization: Students must pass the requirements of the main specialization, a science courses, applications, and design engineering specialist.
  • Specialization requirements: Students must pass the requirements of sub-specialization, a science courses, applications, and design engineering specialist. As can be divided into those decisions to the decisions of the mandatory and optional.


The Board of Directors Aiein guidance counselor for every 25 students at the most among faculty members specialized sections that students will be assisted in the study plan for them to put all semester can continue with them until the end of the study.


To get a bachelor’s degree must pass a number of student credit hours prescribed in the regulations provided by the Institute (180 credit hours) and does not include the number hours practical training and the conditions of the following :

  • Students achieving a cumulative average of at least 1.7 at any time, if less is cautioned not authorized to register in the next chapter for more than 12 credit hours. When redundancy for two consecutive quarters after it is separated completely.
  • Students are allowed to return in any decision which failed registration, examination and test it back after payment of the prescribed educational service charges. In this case, the appreciation is calculated up to a maximum 2.0, but it does the previous estimate of repetition in the cumulative average account
  • The student has the right to improve the average cumulative return in the decision of one or more may already be receiving it at 1.7 or less Date. And calculates the estimated maximum of 2.0, but it does in the previous estimate, the cumulative average account.
  • The final year students (BA) to prepare the graduation project is divided on two consecutive quarters of them is not a summer semester and determines the Board of the Institute themes and may extend him an additional period after the exams ranging from one week to three weeks to a maximum.
  • The student after passing the second level (level 2) to perform practical training inside or outside the Institute for 8 weeks at the rate of 6 credit hours, provided that the Director of the Institute supervision and evaluation of the training and selection of faculty assisted by the institute.


The maximum of the decisions in which the student registers 18 credit hours, and for the summer semester registration is a maximum of two decisions may be in the final year of registration in three decisions. And be after fulfillment of the conditions of registration in each decision after consultation with the academic advisor on time for it, and according to the rules issued by the Council of the Institute.


A student may not register in the decisions of its previous requirements are met before the conditions for success in the former requirements at a rate of at least 1.7.


The student has the right to change the decisions of the record where another within two weeks of the semester begins this shall not apply to the summer semester..


The student has the right to cancel the registration of any decision in eight weeks at most from the start of the study the first and second chapters and three weeks at the most in the summer semester, and received his fees.


A student who wishes to withdraw from the classroom to the circumstances of the disease or excuse acceptable to the Institute, the apply for the approval of the Institute to withdraw without recover previously paid fees, and be a withdrawal before the final exam for this chapter, and the return of decisions where it was registered in the classroom a later study and test after payment of the prescribed educational service charges, do not count him beam failure.


The study to determine the decisions of the estimates according to the following table:

Percentage corresponding

Appreciation equivalent

Number of points


95% And higher

Thumbs up( + )



90% even less than 95%

Thumbs up



85% even less than 90%

Thumbs up( – )



80% even less than 85%

Very good ( + )



75% even less than 80%

Very good



70% even less than 75%

good ( + )



65% even less than 70%




60% even less than 65%

مقبول ( + )



55% even less than 60%




50% even less than 55%

Acceptable( – )



Less than 50%





Points are calculated each course as the number of credit hours multiplied by the number of points earned by the student..


Calculates the total points earned by the student in any semester, as the sum of all points of courses studied in this semester.


Calculates the average student points for any semester (quarterly average), that dividing the total points earned by the student in this chapter, divided by the total credit hours Output (does not include hours of practical training) for these courses and the student will be appreciated in this chapter, according to the schedule mentioned in Article (15)

Article (19):

Calculates the cumulative average for the student at the end of any semester as a result of dividing the sum of all points of the decisions taken by the student at the end of this chapter, the total credit hours of these courses (does not include hands-on training hours), and the cumulative appreciation according to the schedule mentioned in Article(15).


Calculates the average graduation points (after the student’s success in the overall graduation requirements), that dividing the sum of all points of courses taken by the student on the total credit hours of these courses, and will be graduating estimate according to the schedule mentioned in Article Output (15).


Whenever a student completed 20% of the graduation requirements deemed transferred from one level to the level above it (zero-4), does not require determining the quality or level courses completed by the student, and is considered a kind of definition of the site Institute student.


Grade distribution of any decision in accordance with the schedules pilot Article 26. Article 28.


The minimum percentage of students attending the decision (not less than 75%) of the student is allowed to enter the final exam of the course. In the case of the denial of the exam is fails in (given a score of zero degrees in the final exam for the course). Upon accepting the excuse exam is held him in the exam, who missed his excuse within three weeks from the start of the next semester immediately after the payment of the specific decision of the Council of the Institute fees.


If the student’s progress compelling excuse acceptable to the Council of the Institute for failure to attend the final exam for any decision before or two days after an exam, calculated his estimate “incomplete” in this Alorteurbashrt to be successful in the work of the year and should not have been deprived of the entry of final exams. In this case, be made available to the student who has a rated “incomplete” chance the final exam performance on the date determined by the Board of the Institute.


Courses numbering system used :




Department of Architecture


Department of Construction engineering


Department of Computer Engineering




Decisions of Electrical Engineering


Decisions of Mechanical Engineering


Decisions of the basic sciences


Decisions of the Humanities

  • X refers to the study level (1..5)
  • Y refers to the semester (1..2)
  • Z Serial number
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