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How to enroll

How to enroll

The presentation by admissions to universities and institutes coordination office also accept transfers Institute Institute of the Division of Management Information Systems consists character No. 0/555 “Abualmtamir” coordinate in accordance with Resolution No. 1309 dated 25/05/2005 create your Higher Institute of Advanced Management Science and Computing

A. Institute accepts the following qualifications

  • General Secondary Bashabtaha equivalents of Arab and foreign certificates
  • Secondary commercial and industrial 3-5 years
  • Technical Secondary School for Management and Services
  • Diploma technical institutes and industrial
  • Diploma commercial technical institutes
  • Diploma administrative and secretarial institutes

As is accepted students with diploma commercial technical institutes (Information Systems and Computer Science Division) second year with download material makers student of public administration and the basics of structural programming your textured insurance mathematics course and insurance segment.

After acceptance by the Coordinating Bureau are reviewed Student Affairs Institute to complete the registration procedures Institute

B. Duration of the study four years of study grants from crossed bachelor’s degree equation in Division Specialization Resolution No. 170 dated 24/12/2008
And renewed Ministerial Resolution No. 49 dated 02.25.2010 for a period of three years

C. The Institute is committed to adopting plans and curriculum approved by the Supreme Council of Universities and the Committee of the competent sector

D. Institute exams under the supervision of the Ministry of Education

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