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Material potential

Material potential

Physical possibilities

The Institute is located at 7150 m2 is the institute and the positions of green spaces and playgrounds in addition to the external positions of 3250 m2 with a total area of 10,400 m 2 Institute consists of educational building of five innings and has:

The image of the building from the outside

Number six strips and number seven lecture halls, and as you can see has been equipped to the highest level





Number seven laboratories are air conditioned and equipped with the latest computers with a total of 150 PC and 30 laser printer

And is divided into laboratories

  • Private Internet coefficient
  • Coefficient private projects Undergraduate Students
  • Private networks coefficient
  • Coefficient General Training


 There Institute Library public library to see the metaphor equipped with the latest addition to the references

Integrated set of references and books Alalmaharabh and Fluent and cultural books – Computer Library which is an electronic library available on computers allow him to read inside and outside the library




Medical Clinic

Institute of available medical clinic equipped to provide the necessary medical services for students of Institute




Football stadiums




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